Aaron Bouren

 In this modern world, there are many ways people can tell how one person is suitable as a great leader. One really important aspect of leaders or communicators is to withstand the searing pain of failure or disaster in their lives.

For those who have faced challenges in failure, Mr. Aaron Bouren suggests 3 steps to handle with it:

•Absorb from the event:

The actual experience or incident is the catalyst to learn about your shortcomings and devise a plan to never encounter that same incident again. Many employers heavily gauge future workers on their prior experiences. Sometimes the weakness of some failures can feature as strength, as job seekers can prove that they can overcome past mistakes and improve their performance.

•Give out knowledge to others whom faced the same experience:

Many leaders actually guide their followers with their shared experiences. Describing your situations to others and giving them the wisdom to follow the right path will not only enlighten you, but to reinforce how you matured to fight such failures and be a better mentor.

•Create and clarify how to prevent your downfall if you were to repeat it again:

It is quite common to have such thoughts of regret and ponder “what if…” or “what could have been”. Sometimes, heading into the past has its own consequences and should be left untouched. Instead of musing, evaluate first the options you have in the present and try to develop a method in order to not to fail again if you were to do it again. Compose it mentally or physically. Therefore, you will have a better mindset on how to properly handle similar scenarios.

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